Due to EU VAT and customs changes, all EU orders will be held during the period of June 25- July 1 in order to see more detailed and specific changes and new rules.
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EU VAT and Customs Changes

EU VAT and Customs Changes:

Please aware that import VAT-free, if the consignment of good(s) is valued at €22 or below, will end 1 July 2021 and ALL imports will be subject to EU VAT (even very low valued goods).

Under those changes, we'll hold the EU orders placed from 22nd June-1st July to avoid unpredictable problems caused by the new system and new rules as all the information is not certain, we will need to wait to see how those new regulations work, then take steps to handle orders according to the changes.

All the orders made before 21st have been shipped off, they should not be affected and get cleared from customs before VAT changes. Orders made after 21st will be held as stated, we've emailed you as of June 25, please do not hesitate to contact us if you prefer to cancel the order, we're sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused!

After shipping resumes in July, EU customers will face paying TAX, there are two ways to pay for the TAX:

1. To report the VAT charged at the point of sale, a new declaration, IOSS (Import One-Stop-Shop) is introduced, this will indicate to customs that VAT is being properly declared and help ensure speedy customs clearance through the more efficient ‘Green Channel’. With a unique identification number after joining in this system, seller (Kasou Wig) will be able to collect the import VAT on behalf of consumers.
Customers can pay good(s) + shipping + VAT directly at checkout (this function is under construction, will launch on 1st or 2nd of July), this will also help to reduce the postal administration fee.

2. If the VAT is not paid through IOSS in advance, postal operators may still act as the import VAT collector with an administration fee below €15 (not given the specific fee standard, may vary from country to country)

That's all the information we know so far, we'll update here as soon as we get news!

- Kasou Wig team


VAT Rates in Europe Union Member States


Standard VAT Rate 

Austria 20%  
Belgium 21%  
Bulgaria  20%  
Croatia  25%  
Cyprus 19%  
Czech Republic 21%  
Denmark  25%  
Estonia  20%  
Finland  24%  
France  20%  
Germany  19%  
Greece  24%  
Hungary  27%  
Ireland  21%  
Italy  22%  
Latvia  21%  
Lithuania  21%  
Luxembourg  17%  
Malta  18%  
Netherlands  21%  
Poland  23%  
Portugal 23%  
Romania  19%  
Slovakia  20%  
Slovenia  22%  
Spain  21%  
Sweden  25%