Member Benefits

We appreciate all your support and willingness to choose purchase from Kasou Wig, here're two simple rewards programs we provide to express our gratitude to those who keep supporting us.

1. Levels of Membership

This program is categorized into 4 different levels, and the level upgrades automatically base on the amount you accumulated spend on our website.  

There are deep discounts on higher levels, also, those benefits are permanent, your level won't downgrade as long as you do not delete your account.
        Level                                            Criteria                                Benefits
Ordinary Member  Create an account on Kasou Wig website   0% Off for each purchase
Junior Member    Accumulated spend ≥ $400 5% Off for each purchase
Senior Member    Accumulated spend ≥$700  10% Off for each purchase
VIP Member   Accumulated spend ≥ $1000 12% Off for each purchase

2.  Rewards Points 

This program is designed for saving on purchases, every penny you spend on our website will automatically change to store points. 
$1 you spend = 10 points(exclude shipping cost and insurance fee)
150 points can convert to $1 store credit. You can either use it on your next purchase or accumulate points to redeem free wigs.

* Only one matter needs attention:
Please pay at least $1 dollar for the item(s) at checkout while you're redeeming wigs, as we accept PayPal only, so completing a transaction has to be processed via PayPay, otherwise the checkout button will malfunctioning if the item total (exclude shipping ) is less than $1.
For example, the points you have equated to $27 store credit (27x 150=4050 points), meanwhile, the wig price you need is $27, you can apply $26 (or less) store credit at checkout, 
then the $26 would remove from your original total, you will need to pay $1.