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What is Kasou Wig ?

We are an independent and original brand of wigs founded in 2013. And the shop owner Kasou is an enthusiast for cosplay and wigs. Our goals are simple: help cosers spend a reasonable price to have better wigs that can be more easily shaped and better fit characters.

Who designed these wigs ?

At present, the owner Kasou design all the wigs, every wig has an individually designed production sample (color, sytle, material , the size and type of inner wigcap ) before volume production is made in the factory. We believe we'll have more designers in the near future:)

What are your advantages?

► We have very good understanding on Cosplay and wigs, so the wig style and color we design & made will be uniquely match the characters.

► We shoot all pictures by ourselves. We always work hard on taking pictures, we know this is a very important part for customers to know our commodities , order and receive the commodities exactly match the pictures.

►We have a strict control on the wig quality, and every itme will be carefully inspected before being sent out.

►We only work with one best quality wig factory in China, the quality of our products is always maintain a high level which is relatively stable. 

► We use convenient and highly effective international transportation, so the transportation mode is customized for different countries and regions to ensure a timely delivery to customers.

► Excellent pre-sales & after-sales service.

Where you are located?

We are a China (Beijing ) based private limited company.