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08-2020 Twisted Wonderland New Wigs Preview!

Here're the twisted Wonderland character wigs we've made, the wigs already pictured will be released around 20th of Aug, the rest wigs without pictures would take another 3-4 weeks to be released ^ ^

Riddle Rosehearts ( Released! )
Cater Diamond
Cater icon
In production.

Vil Schoenheit ( Released! )
Epel Felmier
Epel icon
 In production.
Rook Hunt
Rook icon
In Production.
Leona Kingschola ( Released! )
Ruggie Bucchi

Lilia Vanroug ( Released! )
Malleus Draconia
Malleus icon
 in production.   

Azul Ashengrotto ( Released! )
Jade Leech/Floyd Leech
Jade icon Floyd icon
In production.

Divus Crewel ( Released! )

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