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  • Genshin Impact Navia 100cm long blonde curly wig
  • Genshin Impact Navia 100cm long blonde curly wig
  • Genshin Impact Navia 100cm long blonde curly wig
  • Genshin Impact Navia 100cm long blonde curly wig

Genshin Impact Navia 100cm long blonde curly wig

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Style: 100cm long curly wig. The top hair is middle parted with a long skin top (7cm long *2cm wide).
Short bangs measure approx.19cm, the longer locks of hair that falls down from skin top are parted to the sides and curl upwards at hair ends. 50cm-53cm long curly hair hanging at both sides of the face.

There are two wide and thick tufts of hair specially sewn on both sides behind the ears position and gathered into a ponytail at the middle of the back hair, curled symmetrically.

The hair on the back is separated into two large sections, straight on the top 2/3 and styled into drill curls at the bottom 1/3.

*All the curls are hand-styled, they're not perfectly symmetrical.

Material: 100% heat-resistant fiber ( the best quality fiber on the market). 

Color:  bright blonde ( KA006, KA011 and KA012 miexed )

Net Weigth: 678g±20g / Packed: 808g±20g

Wig Size: Our wigs tend to be large size, might be too big for the head smaller than 52cm (20.5''), please add this into consideration before purchasing.
Adjustable net-cap that can fit the head up to 23.5"/ 60cm head circumference ).
Natural Light:

These vertically sewn-on wefts may show some net at the connection joints, you can cover with upper-layer hair. 
Net shows slightly is normal, we'll try to avoid/minimise this, thank you for your understanding!



Colors that appear on PC monitors could vary from the original colors of the wig due to lighting and screen settings. It's hard to totally avoid the slight color deviation. We try to photograph and describe the colors of the items as accurately as possible, please take this into consideration before you buy it. If you are very particular about the colors,  please check the photos on several different computers or purchase a color sample prior to ordering :) Thank you so much for the understanding! ^3^/


We have standard colors and special colors (SP) for two types of color charts.


Click here for large colors pictures )

(1) The standard colors chart contains over 60 common colors that chose from more than 1,000 factory colors, and they are sequenced according to colors and lightness.
There are pure colors and mixed colors in the standard colors chart, but fewer colors are used for SP mixed colors, so normally no more than 3 colors mixed (the number of colors may increase as demands increase).



Click here for large colors pictures )

(2) SP contains unique and uncommon mixed colors chosen from character wig designs of our past experiences, and they have at least two mixed colors with rich and full hues,  there will be slightly different colors effects under different lamplights. There is no sequence for the colors chart arrangement, and new colors will be irregularly added.

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